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Collection: Super Soft Cotton Rope & String

Super Soft Cotton Cord (Rope & String) - String and rope available in a variety of sizes. This is our softest line of cotton, created using very fine strands - the result... buttery sheen you can see and touch. Pure magic.

Recycled Cotton Cord (Rope & String) - Available in 3mm/5mm string and 4mm rope. 100% recycled and created using very thin strands of individual cotton (comparable to our premium line).

Premium Cotton Cord (Rope & String) 
- Available in 3mm, 5mm, 9mm string and 5mm/6mm rope. Our premium line is created using thin individual strands of cotton to create soft, luxurious twisted string that is durable and holds together nicely.

Classic Cotton String - Available in 2mm, 3mm and 4mm thicknesses. This string is recycled, soft, easy to work with, and brushes out very well. The individual strands of cotton are a bit thicker than the premium line.

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